What’s Next in a Crisis that’s Far from Over?”

The first week of May has brought no relief to India, where surging cases of COVID-19 continue to dismantle the healthcare system. Since the start of the new month, nearly 400,000 people are getting sick with the virus every single day.

COVID-19 Response in West Bengal

West Darakapur village in the Patharpratima Gram Panchayat, West Bengal is a very poor village with 1120 inhabitants. Primary livelihood of the inhabitants is agriculture and fishing.

HEROs as Change Agents in the Tea Communities of Assam

Tea Garden community or tea garden labour communities, are multi-ethnic groups of Tea Garden workers in Assam. It is a term used to denote active tea garden workers and their dependents, who reside in worker quarters


Almeera, a nine-month-old baby girl, lives with her mother Soniya, a young mother of two and a homemaker and father Mohd. Afzal, owner of a small garment shop in Labhera Village of Block Nawabganj, Bareilly.

Better Future for Children

Kajan, with 17 years, is a spastic child from Puzhal SLR camp in Tamil Nadu, living with his parents Ms. Jothi Lakshmi and Mr. Kumar. Since he was a young child Kajan did not respond well and only when he was two years old his parents diagnosed him as a Mental Retardation- Cerebral Palsy Child.

Notification of TB Cases

Bhagalpur is known as silk city as it is famous worldwide for its silk production. The silk industry in this city is hundreds of years old and a whole clan exist that has been producing silk for generations.