INH to Children Below 6 Years

Background: –
The Banka district is situated in far south – east of Bihar. The eastern and southern border of the district coincides with Godda district of Jharkhand. From west and north east it touches Jamui and Munger district respectively. The old district Bhagalpur is situated in the north side of Banka.

The district headquarters of Banka is situated in Banka town. Earlier this district was a Sub-Division of Bhagalpur district. It consists 11 blocks and two towns namely Banka and Amarpur.

Before we have started our intervention, the INH was not given to the children below six years of age even with the positive sputum because INH tablets were not available in Banka district. The project team had a meeting with CDO and WHO to ensure the availability of INH tablets in the district. In the beginning the project team, with the consultation of CDO and WHO, arranged the INH tablets from the nearest district i.e. Bhagalpur. The team used to collect the tablets from Bhagalpur and distributes to the beneficiaries in Banka district.

The project team, with the support of CDO and WHO, got the success to ensure the availability of INH tablets in Banka district from July 2016.

With the help of MO, LT, STS and STLS of Banka district, the children with positive sputum and below six years of age started getting the INH tablets. Community Volunteers Mr. Dilip Thakur, Ajeet Das and Heera Jha provided maximum number INH to the beneficiaries.

Due to our intervention and hard work, we got following results: