Impact Story | COVID-19 Vaccination

ADRA India is helping break the taboo around COVID-19 Vaccination 

A rumour surrounding the COVID-19 vaccination amongst a Community in Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh from getting immunized against the deadly virus.

When we were made aware of the situation, our Block Mobilizing Coordinators (BMCs) and Baghpat Medical superintendent Dr. Vibhash Rajput tried their best to convince the community for the vaccination but to no avail. OurDistrict Mobilization Coordinator along with all the BMCs of the Baghpat district then decided to convince community leader/influencer to get the vaccination, which would encourage the entire community to follow suit.

Initially, believing in the anti-vaccine rumours, the influencer was against the idea of getting the vaccination. However, our team was persistent and held a meeting with the leader. The rumour was busted by our team and the leader was made aware of the importance of COVID-19 vaccination. The community leader was finally convinced to get vaccinated, and he even guided our team to set up a COVID-19 vaccination camp in his area, where he inaugurated the session. The COVID-19 vaccination session was held in the presence of Medical Superintendent Dr. Vibhash Rajput. The leader also assured announcement through mics in the district and motivated several other community leaders and his colleagues to gety the vaccination.

Dr. Vibhash Rajput organized 7 COVID-19 vaccination camps in whole Baghpat urban in June. With the support of our team, 1887 eligible beneficiaries received 1st & 2nd doses of the vaccination over a period of three days.

ADRA India is supporting the government in ensuring maximum coverage of the COVID-19 vaccination. Through our Core Group Polio Project and other programmes across the country, we are sensitizing communities residing in rural areas, where people are still skeptical about getting vaccinated due to several reasons including misinformation and lack of access. We have also set up vaccination centres in Delhi and Bihar in collaboration with the state governments and Doctors for You. In addition, we will be managing a COVID-19 Care Centre in Assam.